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Volunteer Your Time

Looking to support us by offering your time and talents? Reach out to us via phone or email and we will talk about ways you can volunteer here at Wesley.

Phone:   513-845-7990
Email:    wesleyed@wesleyed.org

Support Us Financially

Donate through PayPal!
(Please consider adding an extra 2.2% to your donation to offset the credit card charge PayPal requires.)
Send a check!

Write a check payable to Wesley Education Center to:  
525 Hale Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45229
Attn. Carla Buttler

Such as stock, mutual funds or other investments.  Gifts of appreciated stock allow the donor to claim a tax deduction based on the current market value of the shares, and the donor is exempt from capital gains tax.
For more information on how to donate securities, please contact Carla Buttler at 513-845-7990

Appreciated Securities

Give a Gift

We have a donation list you can look through and let your support bring a specific need we have. Please click the link below

Donation List
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