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Call us at 513-861-9865 to learn more about enrollment options


Calling All Alumni

Do you have a connection to Wesley Education Center?  Were you a student, a Board member, or a volunteer?  If so, we would love to hear from you.  Tell us your story and send us your pictures.  With your permission we will post some on our website. Please contact us at

Wesley Education Center For Children And Families in Avondale Early Childhood Education

Caring for Children Since 1920

Based on Christian values and devoted to strengthening the community by providing the highest quality child care, education and enrichment services


Why access to quality preschool is important

​​​*   Ninety percent of the brain develops before age 5

​*  Children prepared for kindergarten are 2 times as likely to be       reading in 3rd grade

*  Quality early childhood education before kindergarten results in     improved behavior, greater success in school, & higher high           school graduation rates.  This all leads to higher employment         and increased

    earning​ potential

We participate in the Step Up to Quality program and are a Head Start enrichment center

Call us at 513-861-9865 to learn more about enrollment options

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Wesley Education Center For Children and Families

Wesley Education Center for Children and Families
525 Hale Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229