Wesley Education Center For Children and Families

Wesley Education Center for Children and Families provides vital quality programs for a daily enrollment of about 50-60 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, as well as hosting enriching summer day camp for school-age children. The Center participates in the Step up to Quality program and meets and often exceeds licensing and Head Start requirements. 

Our Board of Trustees

Terresa Adams - Board Chair

Jerry Friason - Board Vice Chair & Personnel Committee

William Murphy - Finance Chair

Robbie Garvin - Building & Grounds Committee Chair

Mary Oglesby - Marketing & Fund Development Chair

Linda Friason - Program Committee Chair

Sandra Jones - Member

Becky Dawson - Wesley Ed Center Guild Representative

Nikki Griffin - Member

Open - ORV United Methodist Church Rep

Elaine Powers - ORV District President United Methodist Women

Hortense Tyrell - General Board Global Ministries Resource


Henry Brown 

Anitra Walden-Jacobs

Rose Palmieri

Geoffrey Marshall

Our Staff

Janice Kenney - Interim Executive Director

Darlene Harrison - Office Asst./ Floater

Kenyauta Davis - Lead Infant Teacher

Lisa Brown - Asst. Infant Teacher

Yvonne Harper- Asst. Infant Teacher

Sylvonica Lawrence - Lead Toddler Teacher

Sehin Yared- Lead Pre-K Teacher 

Tiffany Resses- Lead Pre-K Teacher

Kamaria English- Floater

Will Parsons - Kitchen Asst.​

While continuing to evolve into a modern center after 98 years of change, Wesley Education Center for Children and Families remains true to its initial legacy of addressing the needs of working families in a complex world. This center, “based on Christian values and devoted to strengthening the community by providing the highest quality child care, education and enrichment services,” continues to do just that, and has earned a reputation through Cincinnati as a safe haven for reliable quality care and support services to its families. 

To educate, strengthen and nurture children through our core values of:

  • Creating a loving and safe environment for our children
  • Building a foundation for learning
  • Strengthening families
  • Working collaboratively to enhance our services
  • Fostering diversity
  • Ensuring our children have a solid foundation in math and science and are prepared for kindergarten

Our Mission

Wesley Education Center for Children and Families
525 Hale Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229