Wesley Education Center for Children and Families
525 Hale Avenue
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Wesley Education Center For Children and Families

  • Communication - We assist children with the recognition and practice of writing letters and words. This will help each child to read his or her own name. We build alphabet recognition through play with letters.
  • Brain Power - We encourage the exploration of the physical properties of materials and use daily activities to teach about the sequence of events, patterns and routines. We support the learning of cognitive skills such as counting and drawing conclusions.
  • Growing Healthy - We use lacing cards, stencils, and writing activities to enhance fine motor skills.  We also strengthen coordination and gross motor skills through running, jumping and throwing activities.
  • Social - We encourage daily classroom conversation and community-building discussions, as well as cooperation and sharing with other children.  We establish classroom helper roles to help the child practice carrying out classroom responsibilities. Dramatic play, music and art experiences help support creative expression. 
  • Communication - We stimulate vocabulary development by prompting imitation and repetition of words and sentences.
  • Brain Power - We encourage investigation and problem solving. Our learning areas are always open for child’s imaginary play with blocks and puzzles, creative art and lots of books. Children can engage in identifying basic colors and shapes; practice sorting, matching and categorizing; and use blocks and math cards that teach number identification and patterning. 
  • Growing Healthy - Large motor and eye-hand coordination are developed through a variety of activities such as kicking balls, tossing, writing, drawing, cutting and lacing. We will work with you and your child to provide a successful potty training environment. Your child will practice hand washing, putting on a coat, picking up toys and sharing with friends.
  • Social - We support pretend play and role-playing with props and costumes. Stimulation of imagination through storytelling and block building is encouraged. 
  • Communication - To support rich vocabulary development, we use storytelling and word games that will help your child practice imitating and responding, asking questions, following simple directions, and naming familiar items.  
  • Brain Power - We use age appropriate activities and materials that develop your child's confidence and self-esteem. Learning areas focus on dramatic play, mathematics, creative arts, language and sensory exploration. We emphasize social growth each day through circle time with stories and songs that encourage language skills. Teachers prepare and implement themed monthly lesson plans.
  • Growing Healthy - We teach body parts and promote self-care skills such as feeding, cleaning and dressing. We support large motor development and eye-hand coordination through a variety of activities.
  • Social - We encourage interactions with other children in group activities, guide the development of sharing and listening skills, and teach classroom routines.
  • Communication - To help develop language skills the teachers communicate verbally by telling stories and singing songs. During early communication, teachers use basic sign language gestures.

  • Brain Power - We provide a variety of age-appropriate materials and equipment of different colors, sizes, textures, and shapes.  We also encourage the use of all five senses to discover the world. We offer plenty of room for movement and exploration.
  • Mobility and Coordination - We support your child as he or she rolls from side to side and learns to crawl, stand and walk. We help your child transition from infant to toddler as your budding explorer learns new vocabulary and self-help skills.

Enjoying lunch

Preschoolers enjoy a trip away from the Center

Six passenger stroller for outside walks

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Classroom

Pre-K Learning

4-5 Years Old

Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare the children for kindergarten by teaching letters and words, math concepts and social skills. Small group lessons in math and literacy and hands-on experience encourage independent and creative learning. Children are evaluated several times throughout the year to ensure a successful kindergarten transition.

Our Program Features:  

Preschool Learning

3-4 Years Old

At this age children become more independent and gain self-esteem. With independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, they develop early literacy, as well as mathematics, science, and social skills. Teachers make observation based assessments that track your child’s progress.

Our Program Features:

Advanced Toddler Care & Learning

2-3 Years Old

At this age, children love to explore and express their independence. The classroom engages children to express themselves creatively through music, arts, dance and drama. We encourage and support your child’s self-confidence and self-help skills.

Our Program Features:    

Toddler Care & Learning

1-2 Years Old

As toddlers explore their world in a safe and nurturing environment they will develop friendships, self-esteem and curiosity. Within a consistent structure your toddler will enjoy a daily balance of quiet activities, spirited music and movement. We provide regular teacher-family communication, with daily updates.

Our Program Features:

Infant Care & Learning

6 weeks - 1 Year Old

Infants learn and grow every day. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where infants can explore, make discoveries and build self-esteem. We provide regular teacher-family communication, with daily updates. We pride ourselves on making your child’s first transition away from home easy and natural for you and your child. 

Our Program Features:
  • Communication - We build your child’s early reading skills by connecting sounds to letters through pictures, use sight words in fun and engaging ways and develop phonemic awareness through literacy-based games, books and puzzle.
  • Brain Power - To create opportunities for your child to ask and answer open-ended questions, we encourage the use of the senses to explore different materials. Computers are an everyday component of the Pre-K classroom, allowing your child to practice and expand new skills. Children are introduced to cognitive skills such as sequencing and matching.
  • Growing Healthy - We help to refine motor skills through the use of scissors, stencils and drawing tools. We encourage awareness of physical well-being and healthy eating habits. 
  • Social - We use character-building activities to help identify emotions. We provide opportunities for your child to learn how to cooperate, negotiate, problem-solve, make independent choices, express independent thinking and communicate through art and music.